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      TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USAGEGlobal Business Centre (GBC)

      1. The Co-sharing working spaces can be used comfortably and peacefully but without creating noise or disturbance for other Co-sharing members.
      2. It is understood that all the members shall maintain good silent working atmosphere so that not to be a hindrance in working ambience of the place.
      3. The Co-sharing space shall be maintained in absolutely clean condition and restored to its original clean condition before handing over. Otherwise, a part of the security deposited assets on the basis of damage to the working environment shall be deducted and adjusted towards compensation.
      4. On account of un-forces circumstances though rarely exercised, the parties using co-working space may be informed through Electronic Mail of non-feasibility/ non-availability of the co-working space.
      5. The members shall ensure that all the activities carried on by them are within the acceptable legal frame work of the country.
      6. The services of Air Conditioning, in summer from the month of April to August shall only be available from 9.30 AM till 7.00 PM.
      7. The internet usage, if exceeded at prefix limit to be decided by the GBC may become chargeable.
      8. Though the pantry services are available for a nominal charge but a member undertake to ensure that clearance from their co-working spaces or cabins is ensured by themselves.
      9. It is the responsibility of all the members to ensure that the common facilities such as washroom and passages are maintained in total neat and clean conditions.
      10. Any bridge on this scale shall result in an assessable and proportionate deduction of an amount from security deposit.
      11. The address facility by all the co-working space members, shall only be used for the purpose of receiving their correspondence in normal course of business and shall not create any liability on GBC for either securing any loan or for any other legal purposes.
      12. The co-working space shall only be available from 9.30 AM till 7.00 PM.
      13. It is to be notified that in due course a facility for pick up and drop from Green Park Metro Station shall be available and the members can keep on checking with the reception about the commencement of the same.
      14. The GBC shall not be responsible for any belongings claimed to have been left behind by any co-working space users. The Members are exhorted to be responsible for their own belongings and are requested to not to leave any valuable and valuable items.

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